Different Kind of Corporate Social Responsibility

Before joining the world of non-profit, then I worked for Microsoft as part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm. For many companies, corporate social responsibility is about donations and leveraging their expertise or products to help out those who are in need.

As I flew into Liberia on Friday it dawned upon me that Brussels Airlines decision to continue its flights into Liberia, in spite of the Ebola outbreak was in fact a different kind of corporate social responsibility. This decision was based on evaluating the risks – and mitigating them where possible – while making a decision to continue their operations so that humanitarians coming into the affected had an easy way in and out.

Truth is that the planes are only half-full. Yes their ticket prices are higher than normal, in order to not lose money on this decision – but they fly – even when almost everyone else had made the decision to cancel all flights into the region. Sometimes the corporate social responsible thing is simply to continue doing what you have been doing – even when faced with risks and disasters.

The Brussels Airline’s staff, in particular the flight crews are doing their role in the collaborative effort required to deal with the Ebola outbreak. For that they deserve our thanks!!

Only one other airline, Royal Air Morocco still flies to Monrovia. They also understand the importance of keeping this important route open.

Published October 12th 2014 at LinkedIn

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