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  • Lessons from the Humanitarian Sector in Dealing with Climate Change

    Lessons from the Humanitarian Sector in Dealing with Climate Change

    Today we celebrate #EarthDay in the shadow of a lack of progress in dealing with climate change. Food insecurity due to severe floods and droughts has more than tripled the number of people living with hunger. Places like Pakistan have seen “hundred-year floods” return in a decade and the Horn of Africa has not seen a drop… Read more

  • The Need for Innovation in Financing Loss and Damage Efforts

    The creation of a new Loss and Damage Fund (LDF) agreed upon at COP27 in November 2022, represents a long and hard-fought win, especially for small and vulnerable states, and is an essential step towards climate justice. Yet, it is important to note that this fund is years away from becoming operational, let alone being financed.  A… Read more

  • The Collective Impact of COP27

    After a short hiatus, the Climate Innovation Chronicles are back and over the coming days, the plan is to move to a more frequent schedule of publishing, to coincide with my participation in the COP27 conference in Sharm el Sheik in Egypt. The Conference Of Parties (COP) is an annual conference held by the UNFCCC (UN body on Climate Change), where… Read more

  • Financing Climate Innovation

    Humanity is facing its largest problem ever – Climate Change. Yet with great challenges come great opportunities and as discussed in the last newsletter, a critical part of ensuring we stay within the 2°C limits defined as a critical threshold by scientists is driven by finding new ways to produce the goods and services we currently… Read more

  • Climate Innovation Chronicles Newsletter Launches

    The devastating aftermath of more frequent and intensive hurricanes, floods, and droughts has been the reality I have experienced during the last couple of decades as a humanitarian responder. Yet, no matter how much effort we put into improving the humanitarian response to this changed reality, the situation will only get worse, unless we start… Read more

  • The Obstacles to Transformation

    Why is transformation so difficult? What are the main obstacles? Read more

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