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  • How COVID-19 is driving the need for technology in development

    How COVID-19 is driving the need for technology in development

    This blog post describes the rapid push for technology solutions to meet the effects of COVID-19 on development programs around the world. Read more

  • It is in times of crisis true leaders emerge

    It is in times of crisis true leaders emerge

    Humanity is going through a crisis, unlike others, it has experienced for over a decade. Fear and panic have become commonplace and most of us don’t know what the future will look like. Yet, in between those paralyzed by the fear you can find people and organizations who step up and accept the challenge life… Read more


    Tropical Cyclone Kenneth is now lashing the already savaged nation of Mozambique, with 700,000 people in its path and promising more devastation due to flooding. For responders to stay connected is vital to helping rescue, feed, and shelter those impacted by storms such as this. After the destruction caused by tropical Cyclone Idai,NetHope deployed and assisted… Read more


    During the first week of April, NetHope conducted its inaugural disaster response training (DRT) course for the Asia region in Makati, Philippines. Thirty-two participants from 17 member organizations and three governmental organizations were given hands-on training in emergency telecommunication networking, wireless distribution, TV white space, installation of VSATs, alternative power solutions, and mobile satellite communication.… Read more

  • Digital Transformation in the Humanitarian Sector

    Just like all other sectors, the Humanitarian Sector is ripe for digital transformation. We are already seeing some of the first steps occur, but sadly most of the innovative efforts never go beyond the pilot stage, resulting in what I have chosen to call pilotitis. If you would ask some of the technology people within… Read more

  • Importance of igniting passion in youth

    Solitude is always good for reflection and for the last couple of weeks I have thought much about the importance of passion in everything we do. I have been lucky enough to have great discussions with my own kids about their future direction and to meet young passionate people who are going after what they… Read more