Your Life as a Book

We often hear the expression “this is a new chapter in your life”. And the truth is that amazing things will happen when you take this metaphor and apply it to your life. 

When you go through difficult times, you can leave them behind by simply starting a new chapter. You are going to be the author of this new chapter. You can control what happens to the main character in the book – you. You can decide whether this new chapter is filled with scenes of romance or adventure. You can make it filled with suspense or relaxation. As the author of your own life book, the contents are all up to you.

When things go well, you can make that chapter longer. You can allow more characters to become part of your story. You can even start new chapters that build upon the great things that happened in the previous chapter. It is totally up to you whether you make this new chapter a happy and eventful chapter or a sad one. Whatever you make your main character focus on will determine what happens to them in this new chapter.

If your life is a book, then decide right now what kind of a book it is going to be. Just like all great authors think of a great ending and work your way towards it. Think about the impression you are going to leave in the minds of your readers. What kind of impact will you have on them and their lives? Will they remember your story and tell it to others? Will your story influence them to also make their live story one of impact and adventure?

Live your life as it was a book and make sure you create a bestseller!!!

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Published June 13th 2014 at LinkedIn